Are Jobs Obsolete…

I just read a brilliant article on and I wanted to pass it along since it really aligns with my beliefs that entrepreneurship is eventually going to be a safer option than many ‘jobs’ in this rapidly evolving digital world.

Check it out and then let me know what you think with a comment below…

This article might rub a few people the wrong way but the world we live in is changing whether we like it or not!



  1. Derek, thanks for posting this. I’ve long believed that the 40/40/40 work model is broken and entrepreneurship is the path to true security.

  2. Derek,

    This article is really intriguing and something I’ve been saying for a while. One of the issues that faces society is that the long-term unemployed…which is up to like 42% of the total unemployed (defined as unemployed for more than 6 months)…lose the ability/will to go out and search for work.

    I honestly doubt that people who’ve been unemployed for 2 years or more really are trying that hard. It’s SOOOO difficult to see how much money is being spent everywhere that there’s no business that needs their skills. I’m against long term unemployment benefits for this reason. It’s a giveaway.

    Now, as for jobs not being the goal anymore, I agree with this premise a lot as well. While I doubt the figures on food and shelter and that…people should definitely be freelancing more. I think that places like Odesk and Elance make this quite feasible and they’re SO damn easy to use. This should be a replacement for the “job” as we know it.

    The reason why America is falling apart is that our society doesn’t value the premise of an “Artisan”…and the digital age can be the impetus to that idea coming back into vogue.

    An internet marketer is an artisan just like a weaver, baker, designer, etc. These people have a very practiced skill which
    means they’re probably doing quality work which leads to pride of ownership which begets a whole slew of benefits.

    The corporate model has failed and this is why people are so cynical and judgemental of other people. The modern corporation is outmoded for the way our society works. I sincerely believe in 10 years that online sales will start to seriously dent the offline brick and mortar world and we will start to see a breakdown in the need for offices, retail space, malls, factories, etc.

    Basically, a “job” needs to be redefined in the context of becoming an artisan…not a living, breathing robot…we can build machines that don’t feel…humans (while treated this way a lot) are not robotic beings. They have aspirations, goals, warmth, and emotional needs that a corporation can’t provide.

    haha…hopefully this all makes sense because I’m writing it off the cuff.

  3. This is a great article and I also feel that the Golden Age of the Entrepreneur is close at hand!

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