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SEO Tips For 2017: How To Rank In Google TODAY

SEO Tips For 2016

Summary: Adrienne DeVita took back a massive portion of the market share from insurance giants using these ingenious SEO tips for 2017.She’s completely white hat, and she blows me away every time we speak–she’s got so many incredible ideas that she’s willing to share with us today. We talk about how

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Goal Setting Tips & Strategies For Entrepreneurs With Tom Ziglar

goal setting tips

Summary: This episode of the Project Ignite podcast had to happen right now. It’s the beginning of the year, it’s when all of us are rolling up our sleeves and planning: how will my business grow and change this year? Goal setting is an incredibly important part of every entrepreneur’s

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What Can I Sell Online?

what can I sell online

Summary: This episode of Ask Derek is all about the golden question: what can I sell online? This is an incredibly important question so in this episode, we go over the four criteria against which I assess the validity and potential of new products, we talk about the four main online

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Copywriting Techniques To Increase Your Conversions With Julie Boswell

copywriting techniques

Summary: Julie Boswell learned copywriting techniques and direct response marketing from industry experts, and has since become an authority herself. In this episode, we discuss copywriting techniques for digital entrepreneurs, the importance of the sales letter, and the longevity of long form sales! Don’t underestimate what long form sales letters

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Converting Google Leads – Building A Search Sales Funnel With Hernan Vasquez

Google Leads

Summary: Hernan Vasquez grew up on technology in Argentina and knew from a very early age that he wanted to make his living on the Internet. Despite racking up massive phone bills along the way, Hernan has pioneered a market which most people underestimate but is so incredibly important, SEO

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Successful Entrepreneur Traits With Jon Nastor

entrepreneur traits

Summary: Jon Nastor didn’t start out online. He opened a few of his own offline businesses, after finding his entrepreneurial edge at a young age. In 2011, he made the jump online and has since interviewed 207 entrepreneurs on his podcast, Hack the Entrepreneur. Jon has compiled all of the