7 Things I Love About WordPress

I am NOT a “techie” by any means. I mean, sure I can find my way around websites and make basic changes when required but when it comes to making changes beyond simple HTML I’m lost.

That’s why I love WordPress.

Even at my level of technical skills (or lack thereof) I can have a kick-ass site up and running in less than and hour (minus the content).

And then using free plugins I can add complex functionality that used to require custom programming.

So since I just launched our new website, causing me to spend a ton of time playing with WordPress, I thought I would share some of my favorite WordPress resources while they’re fresh in my mind…

Favorite WP Themes:

1. WooThemes: These guys offer a ton of very high quality, well built themes that you can completely customize with a few clicks. One of my favorite themes from them is the “Canvas Theme” because it’s very simple and very customizable.

2. Thesis Theme: Thesis is more of a Framework than a theme. It allows you to do some very cool stuff to WordPress very quickly and it is noted as one of the most SEO friendly themes but it does not come with the pretty graphics. That said, this site is built on Thesis.

WP Plugins:

Here are a few of my favorite WP plugins you should definitely consider:

1. All In One SEO Pack: If you don’t know much about ‘on site search engine optimization‘ just install this plugin, set it up and let it do its thing. You will have a site Google loves.
2. Exec-PHP: Natively WordPress does not allow you to run PHP inside posts, pages and widgets. By installing this plugin you can enable PHP and allow much more flexibility on your site.
3. JW Player For WordPress: If you want to easily insert video into your posts and pages and you host your own video files, then this is a great plugin.
4. TinyMCE Advanced: The standard WYSIWYG editor in WordPress is a little weak. Install this plugin to substantially increase the power of the editor giving you far m0re advanced features and options to make your posts and pages look great.
5. W3 Total Cache: Install this plugin to optimize and substantially increase speed of your WordPress site.

These are just a few of my favorites that immediately get installed on any WordPress site I am working on.

And remember, the WordPress ecosystem is massive. There are plugins for almost everything.

In fact, many email marketing and ecommerce companies actually offer plugins so that you can use to easily integrate their product with your WordPress site… making your life even easier!

Oh, and if you are a WordPress greenhorn, head on over to Lynda.com. They have some great WordPress training to get you up and running fast.

Have you got a plugin or theme you love? Post it below. I would love to hear about it.


  1. sllau

    I am interested to subscribe to website builder, but I am not sure which plan can allow me to upload video clip. can you advise?

  2. Donald

    Thanks Derek for posting this up. Your post answered what I had wanted to ask you during the Internet Success Asia bootcamp recently (the must-have plugins for your wordpress projects).

    Thanks again.

  3. Hi thanks derek,

    I’m always having trouble with my themes and getting them to look just right I to am a non techie so its hard for me. But I am excited to check out the woo themes and hey thanks for the heads up on lynda.com

  4. admin

    Thanks Peggy. I will check out GASP… sounds good.

  5. Hi Derek,
    That’s funny, I was just checking out Woo themes and then I see your blog post talking about it. I still can’t decide whether to use Woo or Thesis.

    Thanks for your suggestion TinyMCE advanced. I’ve been using a different one and I’m not happy with how it works. Plus it doesn’t play nice with my RSS feed.

    I would like to submit GASP (growmap anti-spam plugin) as one of my favorite plugins. My blog commenter has to check a box before the comment will submit. Less work than a captcha for the commenter, but keeps out spambots effectively.

    My other favorite is ComLuv.

    Peggy Baron

  6. I’d also say the WordPress Database Backup plugin is pretty essential in case things go pear shaped.

    Also just starting to use the Mailchimp plugin on one of our blogs and that looks useful.

  7. 8 plugin that i use for every my wordpress blog :

    1. Akismet – every wordpress will have this…
    2. All In One SEO
    3. Contact Form – I used Fast Secure Contact Form
    4. w3 Total Cache
    5. WordPress Database Backup
    6. Subscribe to Comments
    7. Google XML Sitemap
    8. WP 125

    • admin

      Thanks for sharing Mazuki… all good!!

  8. all my website and my customer website i used wordpress…there are tons of good theme that we can download for free and edit the theme…

    and both of recommended theme by you is superb…

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