#AskDerek How To Learn Internet Marketing Without Information Overload?

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In this episode of #AskDerek I answer the following question from our subscriber Darren Soon…

“I want to start something on my own to break free from the rat race, 9-5 boring job. I had been learning & researching about Internet marketing on my own for sometime. I know this is something low cost & can be done but there’s so much to learn & do that I became worn out, exhausted with information overload & confused and I stopped taking action. Not sure where to go forward. Please help to advise.”

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  1. Hey Derek:

    Great advice – I have been at this online thing since 2009 and one of the biggest mistakes, actually two….are taking on too many tasks at one time and inconsistent action. I fixed the inconsistent action challenge and now I have to work harder on taking one task at a time.

    Sometimes it is easier said than done but just the same your advice makes great sense and I echo your advise and thank you for sharing.

  2. Totally agree with Derek. Start Small, Dream Big. Start first by identifying your niche. Having a good mentor will help you to shortcut the learning by a great deal.

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