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Google’s Motto: “Don’t Be Evil.” What a load of horse pucky!

by Derek Gehl6

Over the past year Google has been suspending and in many cases outright banning Adwords accounts left, right and center. And in 100% of the cases, when the advertiser seeks clarification as to why they were banned they’re sent a canned email outlining ‘possible causes’ which are so vague/general that

7 Things I Love About WordPress

by Derek Gehl9

I am NOT a “techie” by any means. I mean, sure I can find my way around websites and make basic changes when required but when it comes to making changes beyond simple HTML I’m lost. That’s why I love WordPress. Even at my level of technical skills (or lack

Crap… Now I Need To Write Something Smart!

by Derek Gehl0

First off, welcome to my shiny new blog. I honestly meant to start this blog about 3 years ago but then along came the dancing machine… Unfortunately I think he may have his dad’s rhythm 🙁 – but he is pretty dang cute right? But enough with my lame excuses

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