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What is a Good Email Open Rate for Marketing Campaigns?

by Derek Gehl2

  Lesson Transcript: Today I want to talk about another common question I’m often asked about email marketing. “What is a good email open rate?” Open rate is the percentage of people who open your email. For example, if I send an email to 100 people and 10 of them

Should Your Email Come From a Business or a Person?

by Derek Gehl1

Lesson Transcription:

This is a short discussion of another common question:

“Should my email come from my business name or from my name?”

People want to know if the “from” field and the signature line should be their company name or their own name.

Aside from a couple of exceptions…

My Top 3 Favourite Social Sharing WordPress Plugins

by Derek Gehl4

(So far anyway…  😉 The easiest way to increase the number of people sharing the content on your website is by simply making it easier to share. But despite how painfully obvious this “solution” is, every day I see websites screwing it up. And remember, “social sharing” is now playing

Top 3 Best Website Traffic Sources To Drive Guaranteed Buyers

by Derek Gehl7

Lesson Transcription: “What is the absolute, hands-down best website traffic sources?” This is a common question from people who have just put up their websites and are starting to drive traffic. Of course, the really important question is: “What is the best source of buyers?” Because traffic is useless if

4 Tactics To Fast Track Your Way To Top 10 Rankings In Google

by Derek Gehl2

Lesson Transcription:

Today I am going to show you 4 tactics you can use to accelerate the rankings of a new website in Google.

Of course, the words “Google” and “fast” typically don’t get used in the same sentence very often, but the reality is that there are a few ways that you can accelerate your rankings…

How Much Traffic Do You Need To Make Your First Sale Online?

by Derek Gehl5

Lesson Transcription:

A questions I am frequently asked when my students put up there first website goes something like this…

“How many visitors do I need to get before I make a sale?”

They want to know how much traffic they should expect to get to their site before they make a sale. This is also known as “sales conversion” or the percentage of people who visit the site who will make a purchase.

Now this is a damn tough question to answer because there are so many variables that come into play that can be affecting this number…

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