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SEO 101…

by Derek Gehl1

3 Things You MUST Do If You Want
To Get Free Traffic From Google…

SEO 101 – Lesson Transcription:

Today I want to give you a quick lesson on what I call “The Three Pillars of a Successful Search Engine Marketing Campaign.”

This really is Search Engine Marketing 101… but if you don’t know this you will never get good rankings and free traffic.

The reason I’m doing this is because over the next few months I’ll be releasing videos and lessons on the different elements of search engine marketing.

In order for you to get the most out of these lessons, it’s important that you have a bit of a foundation in search engine marketing which is what I want to give you right now.

This way, you can use the strategies I’m going to give you in the future to get the best results for your website.

So here goes…

3 Fatal Outsourcing Mistakes

by Derek Gehl1


Outsourcing Tips Lesson Transcription:

Today I want to give you a quick outsourcing lesson.

What prompted me to do this is the number of questions I’ve received lately from students in my Internet Business Accelerator program about outsourcing in Odesk and eLance.

A $5 Goal Setting Tool That I’ve Use Every Day

by Derek Gehl5

A $5 Tool That I’ve Used Every Day
for 15 Years To Make Money Online…

(Hint: You Can Buy It At Walmart!)

Lesson Transcription:

Today I have a great productivity tip for you.

This tip was prompted by a post in the Internet Business Accelerator forum from one of my members…

Holy Viral Video Batman…

by Derek Gehl0

Killer New Service

Just saw this on YouTube.com… very, very funny.

Sad part is, if it was real they would have line-up of customers drinking their Koolaid a mile long.

WordPress SEO Tune-Up – Lesson 3

by Derek Gehl0

Increasing Site Speed,
Fixing Crawl Errors,
& No Follow Comments

WordPress SEO Tune-Up
Lesson 3 Transcription

Welcome to the Lesson 3 in our WordPress SEO tune-up series.

In Lesson 1 we talked about duplicate content, how WordPress creates duplicate content and we also talked about the Yoast plugin and how to use it to plug all of the duplicate content holes.

My rant about misleading link building B.S….

by Derek Gehl3

Link Building Strategies Work
I have rant I need to get off my chest about link building.

Not so much about link building itself, rather the misinformation that’s being spread by so many SEO experts that I truly believe know better.

I currently have just over 700 members in my Entrepreneur Lab – Internet Business Accelerator and over the last month, with the launch of the new Google Disavow tool, there’s been lots of  new “theories” popping up surrounding SEO and whether or not actively pursuing link building is really a good idea anymore.

So now my students, mostly beginners working hard to launch their first website, are coming back to me confused and concerned with questions like…

Hey Derek, I’ve been watching this video and people are telling me Link Building is dead and I shouldn’t be doing Link Building anymore.  Instead I should just worry about creating good content and link building will happen naturally…

These are new entrepreneurs… hardworking people just starting their first Internet business and they are being told “Don’t worry about Link Building. Just, write good content!”…

Click Here To Watch My “Video Rant”

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