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Google Changes That Could Affect YOU…

by Derek Gehl17

Over the last year it felt like Google changes and  algorithm updates were rolling out more frequently than my teenage son likes to change his underwear (sorry Carter… but I’m pretty sure none of your friends read my blog  😉 With Panda hitting with full force in March 2011 and

Google Adwords Warning… A Lesson To Us All!

by Derek Gehl18

  Last night I received an email from Google Adwords about one of my accounts. The message stated that some of my URL’s were in violation of their “Landing Page and Site Policies”. If you’ve received one of these messages then you know the sinking feeling you get in the pit

Dirty Secret Of A/B Split Testing Software…

by Derek Gehl5

  There are lots of great A/B Split testing tools at our disposal these days and my favourites include… Google Website Optimizer Vertster Visual Website Optimizer But there’s a HUGE flaw in almost every single one of these tools causing countless Internet marketers to make decisions that could actually be

Very Funny Adobe Photoshop Parody Video…

by Derek Gehl5

  Came across this Adobe Photoshop parody today… very funny. I wonder how many of the ‘real’ beauty ads use the same ‘treatment’ to enhance their results? Fotoshop by Adobé from Jesse Rosten on Vimeo.

Infographic – The History Of Advertising

by Derek Gehl0

Just came across this infographic on the history of advertising put together by they guys at InfoLinks.com. Couple of highlights include… Sears founded direct marketing in 1892 when they sent out 8000 postcards and got 2000 orders (I’d kill for a response rate like that.) In 1941 Bulova watches paid

Quit Forcing Google+ And Biasing Your Results…

by Derek Gehl3

The latest change to the Google SERP really rubbed me the wrong way. If you haven’t noticed, now when you are logged into your Google account and are a member of Google+, Google is now integrating “Social Results” in to the SERP. So if someone in one of your circles

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