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Random Internet Marketing Predictions For 2012

by Derek Gehl2

It’s the time of year when I receive numerous queries about what to expect in 2012 and since somebody already laid claim to “the world will end” I will stick to Internet marketing. Now this is a tough question to answer since “Internet Marketing” is such an enormous topic, but

More unreasonable “Business Opportunity Rule” rules from the FTC…

by Derek Gehl4

Laws are important. I get it. I really do. But there are a few clauses in the new “Business Opportunity Rule” that just don’t make a lot of sense to me. Here is a short video from the FTC that explains the new Business Opportunity Rule and if you sell

How I Choose Profitable Keywords…

by Derek Gehl4

I love pay-per-click marketing for the simple fact that I can cast a wide net and quickly test multiple keywords, determine which ones are driving sales, which are not and then take most profitable keywords and optimize my site so I also rank for them organically. But if you’re just

ReTargeting: How it will increase your sales…

by Derek Gehl0

If you are selling a product online and you’re not using Retargeting, then you are potentially missing out on a bucket of sales. I’ve been using Retargeting in a few different markets with great success over the past six months… when I first started I was actually shocked at how

Get 650+ Backlinks from these Manually Verified FREE Directories…

by Derek Gehl5

  Christmas has come early! I’ve had a member of my team working for two solid weeks sifting through literally thousands of online directories manually verifying their legitimacy and PageRank. What started as a list of thousands has now been paired down to a list of just over 650 directories

4 “Duplicate Content” Mistakes You Don’t Even Know You’re Making… And Google’s Looking For!

by Derek Gehl1

With Google turning the Panda crank a little more every month (or week, as it seems as of late) duplicate content is becoming more and more of an issue with “duplicate content penalties” being handed out at an alarming rate. I’m seeing sites penalized regularly across numerous different industries and

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