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EntrepreneurIgnited.com is now ProjectIgnite.com! Why the sudden change?

by Derek Gehl1
Welcome To Project Ignite

So why the sudden change? What can you expect in the future? Let me explain…Just over a year ago it was brought to my attention that another organization had trademarked the word “Entrepreneur” back in 1979.Now I don’t think trademark law has changed much since then so I’m not sure

FTC Compliance (aka “Not Breaking Laws”) For Online Business – With Chip Cooper

by Cindy Loke0
ftc compliance

Summary: The laws governing online advertising are evolving and changing and it’s up to YOU to make sure you’re in compliance. In this episode leading ecommerce attorney Chip Cooper breaks it down and tells us what policies and best practices we need to be using on our websites to be

How To Grow Your Business By Giving Back

by Cindy Loke0
Evolved Enterprise

Summary: Serial digital entrepreneur Yanik Silver shares how you can attract better customers, stand above the competition and position your business for massive success and growth by building an Evolved Enterprise… that is a business that’s strategic advantage is actually “giving back”! Links: To find out more about Yanik and

How To Crowdfund Your Next Big Idea Successfully

by Cindy Loke0
how to crowdfund

Summary: After successfully crowdfunding the Arctic Stick, Brandon Adams has been helping other entrepreneurs replicate his crowdfunding success for their next big idea. Learn how to crowdfund your next big idea using the strategies he reveals in this info-packed interview. Links: Crowdfunding Sites: Indiegogo.com Kickstarter.com Gofundme.com To Find Out More

How To Sell On Amazon AND Maintain Massive Profit Margins

by Cindy Loke3
how to sell on amazon

Summary: Ryan Coisson has been studying ecommerce websites and how to sell on Amazon specifically since 2003 and has since amassed an incredible wealth of knowledge. In this episode of the podcast, Ryan shares more information that you’d get in most paid courses about how to sell on Amazon profitably,

How to 10x Your B2B Sales with Peter O’Donoghue

by Derek Gehl1
B2B Sales

Summary: Peter O’Donoghue has been selling since he was thirteen, and you can tell. He’s not only an absolute expert in outbound sales strategies, but as you’ll find out, he knows all of the best technology available for use to make the B2B sales process as painless and as profitable as