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Dirty Secret Of A/B Split Testing Software…

by Derek Gehl5

  There are lots of great A/B Split testing tools at our disposal these days and my favourites include… Google Website Optimizer Vertster Visual Website Optimizer But there’s a HUGE flaw in almost every single one of these tools causing countless Internet marketers to make decisions that could actually be

How to instantly convert your site to mobile…

by Derek Gehl0

A friend of mind showed me a tool today that’s pretty cool and I thought I’d pass it along… It basically takes any website and instantly converts it to a mobile friendly design, displays it on a virtual iPhone and compared to hiring a designer to redo your site it’s

Crap… Now I Need To Write Something Smart!

by Derek Gehl0

First off, welcome to my shiny new blog. I honestly meant to start this blog about 3 years ago but then along came the dancing machine… Unfortunately I think he may have his dad’s rhythm 🙁 – but he is pretty dang cute right? But enough with my lame excuses