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I Have One More Question For You…

But it’s not for everyone…

From: Derek, 

Let me explain:

As you know, my goal with this challenge is to over-deliver, so you can get maximum value in minimum time. 

And the best way for me to explain is by asking you this one final question:

How would you like 1v1 help on your business?

Okay, here’s the deal… 

Everytime I run this challenge hundreds of hungry entrepreneurs join right away. 

And so did you.

And that’s how I know you’re serious.

That’s why I HAD to tell you about this opportunity.

***This next line plants the seed for the Offer on the Offer Page that they will see (“You’re going to get my 1v1 help with your business)” 

You see, I wish I could help each one of you with your business, personally one-on-one

Because I know what it’s like when you’re just starting out. 

I used to feel so lost and confused about what direction I should take my business in… it was so overwhelming and even depressing at times. 

And there’s absolutely NOTHING better than having someone with decades of successful experience “in your corner” providing straight-forward guidance and direction…

To accelerate your rate of success

But there’s a problem… 

The truth is, I can’t provide EVERYONE with 1-v-1 support during the challenge.  


Don’t you know?

I’m running the damn thing!

So if you have a question during the challenge… I can’t STOP the “show” to give you my one-on-one attention… it wouldn’t be fair to the rest of the challengers. 

That’s the bad news. 

Now here’s the good news…

I want to walk away from this challenge feeling supremely confident about your digital business. 

I want you to feel empowered and equipped… armed with a blueprint that you can put into ACTION immediately after the challenge… 

…to transform your dreams of running a REAL digital business into reality. 

That’s why I decided to give you the opportunity to have MY team of digital business experts (who have been working with me for years) provide you with personal one-on-one support during the challenge.

My team of digital experts will provide YOU with personal 1-v-1 support during the live Zoom calls 

Remember, your two training sessions are 4-hours long and LIVE.

You don’t have time to STOP or PAUSE or REWIND while attending the challenge.

That’s why I’m providing you with the opportunity to have one-on-one support from my personal team of digital business-building experts.

So while you’re learning from me LIVE via Zoom…

You can ask any question you want about your business to get instant feedback and quick on-the-spot guidance, right away.

Again, this special opportunity isn’t for everyone.

But I know for some of you… this kind of personal detailed support could be a dream come true. 

But that’s not all…

I wanted to make sure you absolutely got the MOST value during our time together.

And my good friend and business partner Chuck Anderson offered to do something crazy.

For the first time ever Chuck is dedicating a full 30 minutes of his time to help you solve your toughest business problem.

Chuck has been coaching entrepreneurs for over 15 years and he’s one of the best in the business.

He can help you get super clear on what you want to accelerate your results.

Remember, the whole purpose of creating your blueprint is so you can use it to launch your online business.

This 30-minute call with Chuck can help you with that.

Because he can help you get clarity on anything you need… while providing you with proven strategies for overcoming any obstacle that’s getting in your way from owning a successful online business.

You also get a one-on-one coaching call with Expert Business Coach Chuck Anderson

Getting 30-minutes of Chucks undivided attention focused 100% on YOUR business is a golden opportunity to pour gasoline on the fire of your success.

His strategic coaching style is influenced by years of in-the-trenches experience as former Director of Marketing for the largest information marketing business (back in the early 2000’s) while it routinely reeled-in over $20,000,000 annually.


As I said, this might not be for you.

But if I was a new entrepreneur just starting out (and even if I was still in my early days when I was trying to “figure everything out” by myself)... I would’ve loved to get feedback from someone with Chucks expertise.

Chuck and I both agreed on a value of $250 for the call

Here’s the truth…

If I was just starting out again… and I had the lucky chance to “bump” into Chuck at a business conference…

I would prepare my most burning question ahead of time and hope to God he had the time to give me a 20-second reply.

His time is valuable.

And that’s why his exclusive coaching clients cough-up fortunes just to hear his advice.

And that’s why I know his answer could be the turning point in your business… the exact advice you need to hear to set you off like a rocketship instead of fumbling around in the dark.

Bottom line:

Chucks the real deal.

And you have this exclusive opportunity to get a FULL half-hour with him… to “pick his brain” … and get his most invaluable advice and guidance to help you succeed in YOUR business.

But you don’t have to invest $250 to get this unbelievable support…

In fact… you can get “on-demand” support from my team of digital business-building experts on each ZOOM call during the challenge…

PLUS… you also get an exclusive one-on-one coaching call with expert Chuck Anderson…

For Just $97!




You missed out!

But that’s not all… 

To make this special offer a no-brainer for you…

I’m also giving you two very exciting gifts.


Lifetime Access To The Digital Business Blueprint Challenge Replays (Value: $97)

I know for a fact that you’re going to get so much value during the 2-day challenge it’s going to blow your mind.

But the problem is you won’t remember everything…

So I want to give you LIFETIME access to the recordings of this life-changing event. 


1 Year IdeaBot Pro Subscription ($120)

IdeaBot is a premium tool that I developed to help entrepreneurs find hundreds of profitable business ideas and product ideas at the push of a button.

This “small” tool could be your secret weapon for digital business success.

And that’s why I’m giving V.I.P. Challengers an entire year FREE access to our Pro level account! 

Here’s everything you get…

  • Live Q&A: Ask questions directly via Zoom ($197)
  • 30-Minute Coaching Call with Chuck Anderson ($250)
  • V.I.P. Bonus Gift #1: Lifetime Access to Event Recordings ($97)
  • V.I.P. Bonus Gift #2: 1-Year Subscription to Ideabot.ai ($300)

Total Value: $844

Regular Price: $97



Please hurry…

The early bird discount expires X date.

And the last date to become a VIP at the regular price is X date.

So now you’re just one step away…

When you upgrade today, I’ll send you a special email on how to book your call with Chuck. Plus, you’ll also receive all the details you need to access your personal support during the challenge Zoom calls.

I’ll also send you an email with your special log-in for your 1-Year membership to IdeaBot… and… as soon as the challenge is over and I get the video recording published, I’ll send you exclusive LIFETIME access to the whole thing.


I got a few more surprises up my sleeve for the V.I.P.’s.

Sound good?

Upgrade now before your special early bird discount slips away.


You missed out!

The choice is yours

As you can see this challenge is unlike anything else available.

I’m providing you with my proven system for designing your custom-made digital business blueprint… and now…

With the V.I.P. upgrade, you can get my team of digital business-building experts by your side every-step-of-the-way during the challenge, providing you with personal support on our Zoom calls, PLUS…

You get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have 30-minutes with one of Canada’s top business coaches to help YOU with YOUR business.

Are you ready?

It’s up to you.

Take the plunge!

This could be the most important business investment you ever make in yourself.

Upgrade now.

See you on the inside!


You missed out!