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Domain Scam… Don’t Trust “Intrust Domains”

by Derek Gehl10

So about two weeks ago I got an email from a company called “Intrust Domains” stating that the domain name “entrepreneurlabs.com” was going to be coming available through them and since I owned “entrepreneurlab.com” they thought I may be interested in placing a bid on the domain name. I was

Demystifying Expiring Domains…

by Derek Gehl0

Tens of thousands of expiring domains become available every single day as current owners let their registrations lapse but most people have no idea how to tap into this massive source of hot domains and are left fighting over the “domain scraps”… So I’ll do my best to demystify the

Google changes their SERP… again.

by Derek Gehl2

Looks like Google is at it again with more changes to the SERP (Search Engines Results Page). If you have ever optimized for a major brand you are now competing on a SERP that may look like this: This takes up almost the entire page! So for all of those

7 Things I Love About WordPress

by Derek Gehl9

I am NOT a “techie” by any means. I mean, sure I can find my way around websites and make basic changes when required but when it comes to making changes beyond simple HTML I’m lost. That’s why I love WordPress. Even at my level of technical skills (or lack

Crap… Now I Need To Write Something Smart!

by Derek Gehl0

First off, welcome to my shiny new blog. I honestly meant to start this blog about 3 years ago but then along came the dancing machine… Unfortunately I think he may have his dad’s rhythm 🙁 – but he is pretty dang cute right? But enough with my lame excuses