#1 Keyword Research Tool Just Got Better…

I am a huge fan of Market Samurai.

Over the past decade I have used numerous different keyword research tools and for many years WordTracker was my ‘go to’ choice for keyword research.

But when I started using Market Samurai a few years ago I never looked back.

Market Samurai is an incredible tool for keyword research and I honestly don’t think any other product can match the value it provides.

But I am not here to ‘sell’ Market Samurai.

(You can click here to download their free trial to see for yourself)

Instead, I want to let you in on a few new features they just added…

Now the primary metrics you want to measure when analyzing a keyword’s potential are:

  • Demand (Search Volume For A Keyword)
  • Competition (Sites Actively Competing For A Keyword)

Demand, for the most part, is a pretty simple metric to measure and although it can be sliced and diced a few different ways it really comes down to search volume. You need to know whether there are 100 or 100,000 people searching for a given keyword and then you may want to take that a step further and break it down by match type (broad, phrase, or exact) and geographic location.

Competition, on the other hand, is far more difficult to measure. To successfully measure the competition for a specific keyword it is NOT enough to simply search the keyword and look at the total sites in the index.

For example, I just searched the term “Internet marketing” and Google says there is a total of 913,000,000 sites in its index for that keyword, but are all of those sites actively competing to rank for this keyword?


So instead we need to figure out which of those 913,00,000 websites are actively targeting those keywords in their campaigns. This means figuring out which of those millions of websites are actively optimizing their pages and in-bound links for said keywords.

Historically, Market Samurai would pull this data from Google, but earlier this year Google pulled the rug out from under Market Samurai and blocked their access to much of the data they needed for the competition analysis, forcing Market Samurai to start pulling their competition data from Bing’s index.

Bing’s index is getting better every single day but it did feel like a bit of compromise… until now!

Market Samurai just released an update to their software which includes key competition data from one of my favorite SEO tools, Majestic SEO.


If you are unfamiliar with them, Majestic SEO is the largest link intelligence database in the world and the basic price to use their service is about $50 per month so having this data pulled into Market Samurai for no additional cost is a HUGE bonus.

Of course, we are not getting unlimited access to Majestic SEO’s data, but there are a few key pieces of data that offer huge value to the competition analysis component of Market Samurai including:

  • 1 – Majestic Title Competition (Sites containing keyword in title tag)
  • 2 – Majestic URL Competition (Sites containing keyword in URL)
  • 3 – Majestic Domain Competition (Sites containing keyword in the domain)
  • 4 – Majestic Anchor Competition (Sites containing keyword in in-bound link)
  • 5 – Majestic Title & Anchor Competition (Sites containing keyword in title & in-bound link)


The first three were available using the data Market Samurai pulled from Bing so this is not really new data but it does gives us something to compare the Bing data to.

It is 4 and 5 that get me really excited…

Being able to see the total number of in-bound links that actually contain the keyword in the anchor text is great. But then breaking it down further and showing how many sites actually contain the keyword in the anchor text of and inbound link AND the title tag is incredibly valuable.

If someone has the keyword in their title tag AND their inbound links they are most likely a real competitor who is actively optimizing for this specific term.

And I know that using the keyword in your anchor text has less of an influence on your rankings since Google released the Penguin update, it is still a great indicator of true competition.

So if you are looking for a good tool for both keyword research and niche market research, you gotta check out Market Samurai.

Click here to download the free trial and make sure you checkout their training dojo which is packed with great training videos.


    • You really can’t compare the two. Market Samurai gives you way more data to make decisions with. I would recommend downloading the trial to compare for yourself… you will be pleasantly surprised 🙂

      But make sure you watch their training videos so you get the full value!

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