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More unreasonable “Business Opportunity Rule” rules from the FTC…

by Derek Gehl4

Laws are important. I get it. I really do. But there are a few clauses in the new “Business Opportunity Rule” that just don’t make a lot of sense to me. Here is a short video from the FTC that explains the new Business Opportunity Rule and if you sell

Are Jobs Obsolete…

by Derek Gehl3

I just read a brilliant article on CNN.com and I wanted to pass it along since it really aligns with my beliefs that entrepreneurship is eventually going to be a safer option than many ‘jobs’ in this rapidly evolving digital world. Check it out and then let me know what

7 Things I Love About WordPress

by Derek Gehl9

I am NOT a “techie” by any means. I mean, sure I can find my way around websites and make basic changes when required but when it comes to making changes beyond simple HTML I’m lost. That’s why I love WordPress. Even at my level of technical skills (or lack