My poor, neglected website & my new ‘blogging decree’…

I just looked at my blog today and realized that I have not posted anything since March 17th.

This makes me a total and complete hypocrite.

I’m the guy constantly lecturing my members, students and anyone who will listen on the importance of adding fresh, relevant content to your website.

Just last week I spoke at three separate events in Australia and told a combined audience of over 500 people how important it was to make sure they are updating their sites with new content… and now look at me.

Some role model huh?

Okay, this is me publicly holding myself accountable…

For the rest of this year I promise to never go more than one week without adding some useful, pertinent, relevant, engaging, exciting, and/or riveting article, post and or rant to this site.

You have my ‘virtual word’.

So now that I’ve formally announced my blogging decree let me give you a quick update on where things are at, why I’ve been so neglectful and why 2012 has been one of the busiest years of my life…

As my members know last year I launched my brand new Internet marketing and business building training platform called the “Internet Business Accelerator”. This is probably the most potent business building training system I’ve created in the last 15 years of teaching Internet marketing.
iba-loginpage I am sure you’re thinking “Why have I never heard of this?” the answer is simple…

You probably don’t live in Singapore, Malaysia, or Australia.

You see, unlike most of the big ‘product launches’ out there I’ve taken a different approach… an approach that has exceeded my expectations.  That is, instead of launching my product with massive hype and fanfare, selling it to too many people too fast, I have slowly dripped new members in giving them a level of support they never expected.  Novel right?

But this post isn’t about pitching my new program because frankly my capacity is maxed right now and the point was to explain why I’ve been such an incompetent blogger since March 17th.

So on top of all of the fun I’ve had building the Internet Business Accelerator and personally working with and coaching my members, I’ve also been quietly developing new software.

More specifically some very cool WordPress plugins and themes…


Now I’m not going to tell you that this software is going to “Revolutionize the way you use WordPress”… but I will tell you it’s going to make certain pieces of WordPress way more user friendly for us Internet marketing folks.

I was supposed to launch the first plugin a few months ago but as anyone who develops software knows you come up with the best estimate and then multiply it by 2-5… and I forgot that last step 🙁

I am now a month out from launching the first plugin and if all goes well there will be lots more to follow.

On top of all of that I’ve been quietly building and marketing my network of sites in all sorts of crazy and bizarre niches and it’s these sites that are really the laboratory for all of software and training development.

So between flying back and forth between Vancouver, Australia and Asia, coordinating and growing my virtual team, coaching 500+ members that are in the opposite time zone, developing new software, new training platforms, and multiple products in different niches PLUS making sure my family actually sees me occasionally… I may have missed a few blog posts.

But I am going to make that up to you…

I have been working on lots of cool stuff, testing new tactics and strategies and those loyal enough to still be following my horribly neglected blog will get to hear all about it!

Stay tuned. Stay productive.



  1. cindy

    Hi Derek, you have been an amazing coach. IBA is a great platform coming from a great coach. Timely and great ‘blogging comeback’ and decree – love this post. And we will be looking out each week to more posts! 😉 Cindy

  2. Donald

    Hi Derek, it amazes many of us at how much stuff you have done and are doing, given the short period of time. You are a role model to many IBA students and we all look forward to have you back in Asia in September. Keep your blog posts coming, we love to hear more from you!


  3. Finally, glad to see your new updates in here Derek. May success always be with you.

    There is always lots of thing to learn about Internet marketing & business development with you. 😀

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