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Ethical Email Marketing Tips To Jumpstart Your Traffic & Sales Without Your Own Email List

email marketing tips

Summary: This episode of the podcast is all about leveraging email marketing when you don’t have your own list. Turns out, this can be an incredibly lucrative way to catch some lifetime customers and build relationships with those customers without having to build that list yourself. Be careful with brokers,

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#AskDerek: How Expired Domains Can Fast Track Your Google Rankings

expired domains

Summary: A lot of people don’t know about the amazing benefits that can come with registering an expired domain. You can score backlinks, authority, and domain age–but only if you know how (or are extremely lucky.) In this Ask Derek episode, we talk about the pros AND the cons to

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Periscope Marketing Tips – How To Use This Social Media App To Grow Your Business

periscope marketing strategy

Summary: This isn’t the first time Laura Betterly has been on the show, but it’s just as much of a pleasure to have her back the second time around. This time, Laura talks all about Periscope and Periscope Marketing Tips–the next big thing in internet marketing. The authenticity and intimacy

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#AskDerek: Website Engagement Metrics That Will Affect Your Google Rankings

website engagement metrics

Summary: There’s already over 200 factors that play into the Google algorithm that decides how your website ranks–and that number is growing. No one has the magic formula to game the system, but I know that SEO engagement metrics and website engagement metrics are key players in increasing your rankings. In

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How To Sell On Amazon AND Maintain Massive Profit Margins

how to sell on amazon

Summary: Ryan Coisson has been studying ecommerce websites and how to sell on Amazon specifically since 2003 and has since amassed an incredible wealth of knowledge. In this episode of the podcast, Ryan shares more information that you’d get in most paid courses about how to sell on Amazon profitably,

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#AskDerek: How To Outsource Web Design Successfully

how to outsource web design

Summary: In this episode of Ask Derek, we tackle some huge questions for those of us getting started with outsourcing our designers and developers. How do I hire a website designer? How do I hire a web developer? Learning how to outsource web design and to manage your employees in an effective