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Welcome to the inaugural issue of the Project Ignite Profit Report!I’m sending this to you because you opted in for something on one of my websites ( or, you’re an existing or past client, or you registered to attended one of my live workshops.

Starting this week, I’ll be sending out the Profit Report every Monday to provide you with tips, tools and strategies to help you start and grow YOUR digital business.

If you don’t want to receive this report and any other communications click here to unsubscribe and I will immediately remove you from my database. No hard feelings. 🙂

Since this is the first issue and I have some catching up to do, this will be a little longer than usual. In the future, my goal is to keep these short and full of links leading to valuable tips, tools and resources.

I know you’re busy and I don’t want to waste your time, so let’s get started.

Derek Gehl – Chief Entrepreneur

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P.P.S. And to make this email easy to identify every week, the subject line will always start with [PROFIT REPORT].


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Tool Tip

Did you know the blue light from your computer screens, tablets and smart phones can mess with your sleep? If you’re using your devices in the evening it’s stimulating and waking your brain up and if there’s one thing we need if we want to perform at 100%, it’s sleep.

So this week’s tool tip is designed to solve that problem… and better yet, it is FREE!

F.Lux is a simple app or program that you can download for free on any computer (Windows & Mac), iPhone or iPad and when you turn it on it removes the blue light from your screen. You can get it here:

So if you’re on your computer or device after 6pm, turn this on and start sleeping better. I’ve been using it for over a year now and can testify to it’s effectiveness.

Ask Derek

Got a question about starting and growing your digital business? Well, I’ve got answers… you just need to ask! Just go to:

Each week, starting next week I will be choosing a question to answer in each issue.

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