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It’s been an exciting week here at the Project Ignite Headquarters…

You see, I launched my podcast at the beginning of August and it has been in the top 10 (hitting #1 quite a few times) in New & Noteworthy Business on iTunes in various countries around the world since the first week it launched.

That in itself is pretty darned exciting, but what’s really got me tickled is that it proves that if your podcast is doing well when you launch it, iTunes will keep you in New & Noteworthy for MUCH longer than the standard eight weeks.

So on that note, if you’re an iTunes user I would LOVE it if you took 30 seconds to click the link below and subscribe to the podcast. This will help us maintain our momentum while at the same time giving you free tips & training every week.  Win-win 🙂

And of course if you like what you hear, please leave us a rating and review on iTunes as well.

Now on to the tips, tools and resources of the week…

Derek Gehl – Chief Entrepreneur


  • Podcast Episode #24:
    Discover how you can get maximum traffic with minimal effort. In this episode, one of the smartest Internet marketers you’ve probably never heard of shares his system for automatically leveraging every piece of content you create for maximum impact.

  • Podcast Episode #25:
    If you want to know the fastest way to create passive income teaching stuff you already know about then make sure you check out this interview with Udemy expert Dave Espino…

Tool Tip

If you’re not using mind maps you don’t know what you’re missing! Mind maps are one of the fastest ways to brainstorm, strategize, plan, organize, collaborate, etc.

I have tested various different mind mapping tools and the one I’ve used consistently for over two years and always come back to is an online mind mapping tool called MindMeister.

They offer a free account to get you started so if you’ve never used a mind map before I challenge you to open a free account and create a simple mind map to organize your day, or week, or to plan a project or brainstorm an idea.

Once you get started I know you’ll be hooked.

And the best part is, MindMeister makes it so darned easy!

Ask Derek

This week’s questions comes from Darren Soon..

“I want to start something on my own to break free from the rat race, 9-5 boring job. I had been learning & researching about Internet marketing on my own for some time. I know this is something low cost & can be done but there’s so much to learn & do that I became worn out, exhausted with information overload & confused and I stopped taking action. Not sure where to go forward. Please help to advise.”

Click here to watch my answer!


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