Quit Forcing Google+ And Biasing Your Results…

The latest change to the Google SERP really rubbed me the wrong way.

If you haven’t noticed, now when you are logged into your Google account and are a member of Google+, Google is now integrating “Social Results” in to the SERP.

So if someone in one of your circles shares something Google thinks is related to what you are searching for, they’ll display it in the SERP, pushing down or replacing more relevant results.

In my opinion this damages the real power of Google and their supposedly unbiased results.

Our beliefs and opinions are already influenced by our social circle but until now Google didn’t really give a rip about what our social circles thought… they displayed what their algorithm deemed most relevant exposing us to opinions, views, products, and solutions we may have never thought of if we ‘just asked our friends”.

And although it may not seem like much, in the long run I believe this could have a huge impact on search results… and maybe even society as a whole.

I mean, just imagine the impact this could have on politics…

If your circles in Google+ are primarily Republican, then the chances of getting a Democratic point of view on any issue you search in Google is now reduced.

So in summary, if I want to know what my friends think I’ll just ask them. I don’t need Google for that.

But maybe I am overreacting… cuz at this point Google+ has taken off like a penguin with its wings clipped.

If no one uses Google+ it won’t ever matter. I hope.

All that said, the video they created to launch it was kinda cute… 🙂


  1. I agree Bill. They have a little too much power at the moment. There are also numerous anti-trust suits in progress against Google and I think this may just throw some more fuel on the fire… at least I hope it does 🙂

  2. As much as Google is gaming search with their own social network, I am guessing they can get away with it because they have no real competition even with a fairly low barrier of entry (scraping pages to build SERPS). I have to wonder if twitter, and Facebook, will go to the US or EU about antitrust issue with Google controlling so much marketshare

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