Analytics & Tracking Tools

Choosing the right analytics tool for your business is a key factor to ensure you have all the information you need.

Here are two that I've used and recommend...


Powerful web analytics platform with heat maps

If you aren’t a fan of Google and would prefer to not have Google looking over your shoulder and seeing what exactly is going on in your websites then you need a 3rd party analytics solution. My recommendation is CrazyEgg.

CrazyEgg is a powerful web analytics platform that actually offers a few extra features that Google Analytics is tracking like heat maps and most important; it keeps your analytics data away from Google.

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Google Analytics

Robust web analytics system that is free

Google Analytics is a robust web analytics system that will support the needs of 95% of the small businesses on the Internet and you can’t beat the price... free. It also integrates closely with Google Webmaster Tools and Google Adwords giving you a level of visibility into your site metrics that is unmatched by most other analytics platforms.

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