Membership Site Tools

If you are going down the path of having a membership site, finding the right tools at the beginning of your journey is going to save you a lot of time and money.

There are a number of options available, and all vary in what they offer; essentially, you want one that works with your systems, that your customers love using, and that makes learning fun. Simple, right?!

Here are the ones I recommend...


Robust and super user friendly

If you truly want a turnkey membership site without having to figure out ANY of the hard stuff then Kajabi is where it’s at. I have had numerous membership sites built on Kajabi over the years and it just works. You don’t have to worry about any coding, video hosting, video compressions, etc... it takes care of all of it.

The downside? It isn’t cheap and once your site is built on Kajabi switching to another platform is tough. But if I was going to be tied to any system, Kajabi is a good one.

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Wishlist Member

Great features, design and support

Sure there are free membership site plugins out there but most are difficult to use, lack functionality and have little or no documentation and support. That is why I always recommend people to use the Wishlist Member plugin for creating membership websites on WordPress.

This is easily the most feature rich, well designed, and well supported membership site software available for WordPress. I have seen complete newbies, with zero technical skills set up complex membership sites using Wishlist.

Further to that, it supports and integrates with almost all of the popular shopping carts and email marketing systems out there.

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