Outsourcing & Crowdsourcing

After I sold and retired from my last company I made myself (and my wife!) a promise that my next company would be 100% virtual. So for the past 3 years I have tested countless outsourcing platforms, systems and services.

In that time I’ve lost some money and have been ripped more than once. But through that incredible learning curve I’ve managed to hire incredible people and get an enormous amount of work done without ever having to hire a single ‘employee’. Here are the tools I used to do that...


Leveraging the creative potential of crowdsourcing

If you are not sure what you want your design to look like, head on over to 99Designs and leverage the creative potential of crowdsourcing. How it works is simple: Post your job on 99Designs and set the amount you are willing to pay. Designers will submit their designs, you pick the one you like and that designer gets paid.

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Largest online marketplace of services people will provide for $5

The things you can get people to do for $5 never ceases to amaze me. Fiverr is the largest online marketplace of services people will provide for $5 including writing, graphic design, marketing tasks, video, etc. There is just too much to list here so I would recommend taking a few minutes to explore their site and see what you can start outsourcing for $5 in your business.

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Easy to use outsourcing website to help you grow your business

This is my favorite outsourcing website and at any given time I typically have a few contractors working for me on Upwork. It has the most refined, easy to use interface and makes managing and tracking your virtual team a breeze. But like any outsourcing website, you get out what you put in. In other words, if you throw up a vague job description, hire the lowest bidder without a proper interview and the give very little instruction, don’t expect good results. Alternatively if you are willing to write detailed job descriptions, run proper interviews, and give detailed instructions to the best candidates, then Upwork is full of talented people to help you grow your business.

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