Pay-Per-Click Marketing Tools

If you want to scale up your pay per click campaign, the right tools can make all the difference in the world.

Here are the ones I like:

Bing Ads

A great option for cost per click tools, at a lower price.

Bing Ads is a distant #2 behind Adwords but has been gaining consistent ground. The cost per click is typically much less and they are definitely more lenient with what they will allow.

My experience is that Bing can send you about 10-20% the volume of traffic that Adwords sends for the same keyword but traffic is traffic and if it is cheaper, then why not!

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Tells you all you need to know about 'keywords and competitors'

I mentioned SpyFu in the Market Research section of the Rolodex but where it really shines is for PPC research. Rather than figuring out what keywords are profitable and which ads work the best through trial and error you can just use SpyFu to figure out exactly what keywords your competitors are bidding on and which ads they are running for those keywords and how long they have been running.

Chances are if a competitor has been running an ad for a specific keyword for a period of time then it must be making them money... so you can just copy what’s working!

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Google Adwords

Hands down, the biggest pay-per-click marketing platform

Google Adwords is hands down, the biggest pay-per-click marketing platform. No other company can send you the same volume of traffic and with their evolving mobile advertising platforms the opportunity is getting bigger and bigger.

But before you jump, make sure you know what you are doing. It isn’t as easy as it used to be and if you aren’t careful you can lose a lot of money pretty quickly and Google is a little short on sympathy and is not known for giving money back.

And finally, make sure you read their policies to make sure your website and offer is Adwords compliant. Google is quick to penalize new accounts that violate their policies and getting a penalized account reopened can be pretty darn challenging.

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