Video Creation & Marketing

Video is everywhere online and will inevitably make its way into your Internet business. The good news is the tools to create, edit and deliver your video online are getting easier and easier.

Here are the video tools I use every day in my business...

JW Player

Free version with a plugin that easily integrates with Wordpress

For someone who is just getting started and does not want to pay the $20/month for EZS3 I would recommend using the basic free version of JW Player. If you are using WordPress, JW Player also has a plugin that makes integrating it with your website very easy. For the more advanced features and to remove their branding you will need to upgrade to a paid version but the free version (and the plugin) is a great place to start.

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The friendly video platform for business

Wistia is another online video storage solution, and one that has a free option if you just want to give it a try; it's great to use for varying access levels on videos, ie. when certain videos are only available to view within a membership, or require a password and also provides powerful analytics.

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Amazon S3

Cost effective solution for hosting videos

Downloading and streaming video is one of the most resource intensive things you can do on the Internet, and your average web hosting account is not set up to effectively deliver video content to visitors. Not only will you slow down the web server your site is running on, your website visitors will have a horrible experience trying to watch your video. To solve this problem I would recommend hosting your videos on Amazon S3.

Rather than trying to explain what exactly Amazon S3 is and why it is a cost effective solution for hosting videos, check out this article on Wikipedia:

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Adobe Premier (PC & Mac)

My number one choice for video editing

Professional video editors could debate the virtues of different video editing programs indefinitely, but my personal loyalty lies with Adobe Premier. Any time I need to do any video editing it is my number one choice. If you don’t need all of the advanced editing features of Adobe Premier you can purchase Premier Elements which is the scaled down version and will probably work for the majority of basic web videos you need to edit and it is MUCH cheaper.

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Camtasia (PC & Mac)

Most popular screen recording and editing software

Camtasia is definitely the most popular screen recording and editing software available and for good reason... it is leaps and bounds better than the rest.

The PC and Mac versions are very different with the PC version offering far more features and functionality along with a significantly higher price tag.

Personally I use both versions and the Mac version is good enough for the majority of screencasts I create. The only time I switch to the PC version is when I am doing more advanced video editing or batch production.

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