Webhosting Companies & Domain Registrars

Over the past 20 years, I’ve used hundreds of web hosting companies and choosing the wrong one can cost you a LOT of money.

Here’s the ones I put my trust in to run my business:


Offers great domain prices, services and support

If you are registering or managing multiple domains in your portfolio, GoDaddy gives you great price breaks. Plus they have a whole suite of services for registering, managing, and selling domains.

Their interface is not the most intuitive but their overall support is great. Heck, I even had one friend accidently register the wrong domain and they actually refunded his money.

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Reliable service with simple management tools and fair prices

There are tons of great web hosts out there and I have used many of them, but I always find myself coming back to HostGator. Over the years I have found their service to be very reliable, their management tools simple and their prices fair.

I currently have a dedicated server, two reseller accounts and multiple smaller hosting accounts running with them so it is fair to say I have tested them at all levels.

The only time I would not recommend HostGator is if you do not want to host your website in the USA. It should also be noted that although I have multiple hosting accounts with HostGator, I use the Amazon S3 cloud to host and stream all of my larger video files which I would encourage you to do as well.

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The largest broker of premium domain names

BuyDomains is the largest broker of premium domain names, claiming to have over 4,000,000 domain names for sales in their database and I believe it. I have purchased numerous domain names from them over the years ranging from $200 to $10,000+ and they have always been very professional to deal with.

One piece of advice... never pay their “asking price”. With a little negotiation you can typically get them down to 50-75% of their asking price.

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