Wordpress Tools & Resources

I love Wordpress; I run countless websites on it including this one, and below are the tools and plugins that I can't live without:

WordPress Backup to Dropbox

Free plugin to automate Wordpress website backups to Dropbox

I have spent money on numerous different backup plugins over the years and when I found this free plugin I threw them all in the virtual garbage and never looked back. Install this free plugin, follow their simple steps to link it to your DropBox account, configure when and what you want backed up and it will do the rest automatically, creating backups of your website and depositing them in your WordPress account so should anything happen to your webserver you have automatic offsite backups. Wordpress Backup to Dropbox definitely provides good safety net.

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Duplicator Plugin

Back up or move Wordpress sites using this free plugin

If you want to move a WordPress website from one web host to another or even back up your website in a pinch then the Duplicator plugin is your solution. This has to be one of the most well-built and well documented free plugins I have ever come across.

There are numerous plugins for moving WordPress websites that you can spend your hard earned money on but none of them stack up to the free Duplicator plugin.

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Membership gives you access to all plugins and themes

This site is similar to CodeCanyon in that it is a repository of plugins and themes for WordPress but instead of buying them one by one you can purchase a membership to WPmudev and have unrestricted access to use all of their plugins and themes.

They have tons of great plugins (and themes) on this site and their quality seems to be more tightly controlled than CodeCanyon.

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