VideoMakerFX Review – Fast, Easy, and Cheap Video Creation For Marketers (August 2019)

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VideoMakerFX Review- The Rise & Fall Of Skepticism

I’m doing this VideoMakerFX review because at least once a week one of my students asks me how they can easily create high-quality marketing videos for their products, ads and website without having to spend a small fortune.

I always cringe at this question because most of the time…

Fast + Easy + Cheap + High Quality = Unicorn

At least until today 🙂

In my quest to find this mythical piece of software I recently came across a tool called VideoMakerFX.

I read through the sales page and it claimed to be the bees-knees when it came to making any kind of marketing-related video.

Whether it be animated videos, explainer videos, VSLs, etc… they claimed they could do it.

I was intrigued but skeptical.

And then I saw the price. Only $27 (Limited time offer).

My skepticism about VideoMakerFX shot up by another 200%.

But on the flip side, it was only $27 and they had a 30-day money-back guarantee so what did I have to lose… I placed my order.

There were a few upsells along the way, one that I signed up for that added a bunch of pre-designed slides that looked pretty good.

After a relatively painless order process, I immediately received an email with my login credentials along with instructions on how to download the software.

I’ll be totally blunt… when I first logged into their site to download the software I was not impressed.

VideoMakerFX Review

Their membership site is out of date and the last update/post in their announcement area is a few years old.

Not a good sign.

The software is only at version 1.1 but the software seems to be a few years old so this only added to my skepticism.

VideoMakeFX Version

I found the link for the Mac version (there is a Windows version as well) and downloaded it.

Upon completing the download I clicked the file to install it and right away I received a warning saying “This software has not been tested with your version of MacOS“.

Hmmmm. Now I was REALLY not feeling great about my purchase. But I also know that just because a piece of software wasn’t tested doesn’t mean it won’t work so I fired it up…

And boy am I glad I did!

Despite all of the red flags along the way, VideoMakerFX has turned out to be a fantastic tool.

It literally took me less than 10 minutes to learn how to use the VideoMakerFX AND another 10 to create my first 60-second video for a Facebook ad.

Obviously, you’re not going to whip up an entire VSL in 10 minutes but if you want to put together videos for social media, blogs posts, YouTube, etc… 10 minutes is achievable!

VideoMakeFX Support Review

Honestly, I haven’t had to reach out for support yet. The software is very intuitive and when I did have a question I was able to quickly find an answer in their online support center.

Despite their lack of updates on their blog, the VideoMakerFX Support Center seems very robust and active.

Plus, the learning curve is low. With VideoMakerFX you don’t need to know anything about video editing.

How much is VideoMakerFX?

The best part is really the price. Right now they have a grand re-opening offer that allows you to buy VideoMakerFX for $27. One time. No subscription.

This is unheard of. Do they have some recurring upsells? Yes. Do you need them? I’ll leave that up to you.

But the bottom line is, VideoMakerFX is a bargain.

It works like a charm. It hasn’t crashed once.

If you’re doing any sort of social media marketing or content marketing, at only $27, VideoMakerFX is a no-brainer to add to your toolkit.

Click here to get the VideoMakerFX for only $27

And if you’d like a little more detail on how this software works, take a few moments and watch the video walkthrough I posted at the top of this blog.

To you’re online success…

Derek Gehl

P.S. My students know I only recommend tools and software I’ve personally purchased with my own money, tested and use in my business.

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