EntrepreneurIgnited.com is now ProjectIgnite.com! Why the sudden change?

Welcome To Project Ignite

So why the sudden change? What can you expect in the future? Let me explain…

Just over a year ago it was brought to my attention that another organization had trademarked the word “Entrepreneur” back in 1979.

Now I don’t think trademark law has changed much since then so I’m not sure how they swung this. I mean, trademarking a common word should be next to impossible. Heck, I’d never even thought to check for a trademark before registering the domain name.

Initially I did a little research and it appeared that said company hadn’t done much to enforce their trademark in recent years so I chose to turn a blind eye and push on… that is until I heard through the grapevine they’d recently enforced their trademark on another very well-known website, forcing them to change their domain name and brand.

Now I really don’t want to sling mud at this company for owning and enforcing this trademark. They’ve done nothing wrong (despite it not making a lot of sense) and since they somehow managed to trademark this word back when I was still in diapers, who am I to judge?

So after learning of this recent enforcement I had to make the call. Do I continue to roll the dice and build a brand around the word “entrepreneur” knowing that eventually I’d probably have to make the change OR do I tear off the Band-Aid now and get it over with?

I chose to tear off the Band-Aid now.

The pain was temporary and frankly I’m more excited about ProjectIgnite.com as a name and brand going forward for two reasons…

1 Reason #1

Let’s face it, the word “entrepreneur” sucks to try and spell. I type this word countless times every day and still get it wrong at least one out of three times. Thank God for auto-correct.

2 Reason #2

The word “Project” aligns far better with our brand story and mission. Ultimately, this website was started as a “Project” to bring ordinary people the tools and skills they need to transform into extraordinary digital entrepreneurs.

I want this to become one of the world’s leading resources for tools and education empowering you to achieve success online and let’s face it, that’s a damn big “Project”!

Now you might be thinking, “But Derek, aren’t there already tons of websites like this?

The answer is yes and no.

Yes, there are tons of great tools and training for digital entrepreneurs that already have a business and website up running but when you’re just starting out, investing time and money in advanced training and tools is really putting the cart before the horse.

You need to learn to walk before you can run.

You need to build a solid foundation before you can build a sturdy house.

You get the point.

I see it happen all the time… you’re just starting out so you subscribe to every guru’s email list, start attending conferences and before you know it you’re caught up in all of the hype and end up investing time and money in advanced tools and training only to realize you…

Don’t have the basic skills needed
to really make it happen, or

Have wasted your money since you don’t have a real business/product/offer to apply it to

In summary, you’re investing in the stuff you just aren’t ready for yet!

The other thing that frustrates me to no end is the get-rich-quick B.S. proliferating on the Internet.

You know the offers, emails and websites I’m talking about. The “How to make $XXXXX every day/week/month working less than X hours per year in your underwear…” pitches that claim easy and instant profits but NEVER fulfill their farfetched promises.

Building a digital business, making money online and becoming an entrepreneur takes time, education, effort and perseverance. Anyone who tells you otherwise is full of crap.

Don’t get me wrong, with the right training, tools and mindset I truly believe that anyone can do it and that’s where ProjectIgnite.com comes in…

Our ProjectIgnite.com Mission

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, “Project” can be defined as “a specific plan or design” and the word “Ignite” can be defined as “to set in motion”.

The ProjectIgnite.com mission is to plan and design tools and training systems to set more digital entrepreneurs in motion than any other website in the world.

And although we still have a long way to go, over the past few years under the EntrepreneurIgnited.com flag we’ve already gotten a running start and intend to continue that momentum by bringing you…

The ProjectIgnite.com Podcast

After a brief hiatus we’re picking up right where the Entrepreneur Ignited podcast left off and the good news is this…

Nothing is going to change because if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

Now I don’t want to toot my own horn but over the past few years I’ve had so many people tell me they love my podcast for various reasons, but the two common ones are…


Because it offers real, actionable strategies from REAL entrepreneurs that you can apply to your business.


Because I go deep. It’s not one of those podcasts where I ask the same questions over and over, never really digging into the juicy stuff.

So like I said, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

My podcast will be relaunching again in November and if you’re already subscribed you’ll start receiving all the new episodes as they’re published; if you haven’t been listening to my podcast, click the button below to access past episodes...

Ignited Academy

The Ignited Academy is the ultimate action-based learning platform for new digital entrepreneurs. It’s the A-Z training that is going to take you from zero to launching and growing your first (or second) digital business.

From idea generation to product creation to website development to traffic generation to conversion, you name it, we cover it in an easy to follow step-by-step learning model where you are actually building your digital business while you’re learning.

To put it bluntly, this is my life’s work poured into one single website. Almost 20 years of experience building online businesses that have collectively sold well over $110,000,000 on the Internet allowing me to live the “Internet lifestyle” to its fullest!

Due to the high touch nature of the support and training we provide in the Ignited Academy we only open enrollment to new students a few times per year ensuring we can continue to provide the highest level of support and training we’ve committed to.

If you would like to learn more about the Ignited Academy and add yourself to our waitlist to be notified next time enrolment is opened, please click the button below:

Niche Igniter

Every time I speak at or host a live event I’m approached by countless people who want to start an online business and the only thing that’s stopping them is they don’t have a business or product idea.

In January 2016 I made a commitment to build an easy shortcut around this obstacle and today this powerful shortcut to finding and analyzing great online business ideas is called Niche Igniter.

This is the #1 obstacle that prevents otherwise motivated people from ever taking action.

Imagine having a list of over 7000+ potential niche ideas. A list that's growing every week as my team continue to research, uncover and reveal new niche ideas.

Imagine having the ability to click a button and instantly measure the viability of a niche market or product idea?

Imagine being able to instantly drill down into any niche market and uncover online business ideas you’ve never thought of.

If you like the sound of this you’re going to LOVE Niche Igniter.

And the best part is the price…

I’m going to give you access to the MASSIVE Niche Igniter database containing thousands of potential niche market ideas with more being added every week for FREE.

And for only a few dollars per month I’ll give you access to ALL the advanced Niche Analysis functionality as well.

To put it bluntly, I did not build Niche Igniter to make money.

I built Niche Igniter to help us achieve our mission of igniting more digital entrepreneurs than anyone else on this planet. The small fee I intend to charge is there to cover the cost of the data we’re buying and future development and support.

Today Niche Igniter has been released in beta with a full commercial launch scheduled for mid February 2018. If you’d like to participate in the beta program and potentially get early access or be notified when it does launch in February, click the button below:

LIVE Digital Business Jumpstart Workshop

Over the past few years I’ve launched and hosted my one day Digital Business Jumpstart Workshop in multiple countries around the world. This one day intensive training is a crash course revealing the RIGHT way to build a digital business in your spare time.

No fluff, no hype… just the straight goods.

The Digital Business Jumpstart workshop has already been the starting point for thousands of aspiring digital entrepreneurs around the world and over the coming years I’ll continue holding these workshops in different countries as I drive the mission of Project Ignite.

To see where our next Digital Business Jumpstart workshop is going to be, click on the button below:

Free Training

I’ll admit, I’ve been a little neglectful of our blog over the past year but that’s going to change. Not only will I be writing more, I’ll also be reaching out to my network of successful digital entrepreneurs, inviting them to share their tips and training with you through my blog.

In addition to my blog I’d also encourage you to enter your name and email address to enroll in my free “Jumpstart Course” where I reveal the four critical skills you need to have if you want to succeed as a digital entrepreneur:

Recommen​ded Tools & Resources

Finally, we’re working on a massive list of recommended tools and resources to help you jumpstart your digital business.

And please note: whenever I recommend ANY tool or strategy on Project Ignite, please know that I’ve successfully tested and use it in my online businesses.

Do I make an affiliate commission on some of my recommendations? Sure. But that's not why I’m making the recommendation. I'm making the recommendation because I believe in that tool and want you to benefit from it.

Also know that the tools I recommend will always be a combination of the best value and functionality. When someone is just starting out, spending hundreds of dollars a month on software and tools probably isn’t viable and I always have that in mind when making recommendations.

There you have it…

Hopefully that gives you a clear snapshot of what ProjectIgnite.com is and where it’s going.

If you want to start your first digital business or already have a few attempts under your belt with mediocre results, we’re here to help.

To your online success!

Derek Gehl – Founder & Chief Visionary

P.S. Don’t forget to connect with me on your favorite social platform. You can find me on…


  1. Eric Leonard B. Manalang

    Hi Derek
    We finally found how our business can be made more relevant to our customers and other stakeholders.
    Any enterprise that thinks they are just brick and mortal are so because they missed digitalizing their business.
    We are looking forward to our sustainable advantage due to this.
    Attending your one day crash course was an awakening and fun at that.
    Ren and Karen who are going to take this course are super excited to learn and pass the learning to the team.
    Mabuhay from Manila!
    Eric Leonard B. Manalang

  2. Vimala Nambiar

    This is awesome Derek!

  3. Mei Tan

    Hi Derek and team
    Yr ProjectIgnite.com website looks awesome. It’s got nice image colours, graphics and good branding….

    Do check on the setting in here though…im typing fm my phone…the page is shrinked or over-sized..

    Mei Tan

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