WordPress is NOT Google Friendly…

At this exact second WordPress Version 3.4 has been downloaded 24,061,201 times.


It is the fastest growing CMS in the world with over 75,000,000 websites now built on WordPress. 

And I guess that a large segment of this growth is being driven by individuals and small businesses, that see it is a cost effective way to create and maintain professional websites except for one little problem…

There’s a misconception that WordPress is inherently search engine friendly and that just isn’t true.

The fact is, unless you make a concious effort to configure WordPress to be search engine friendly, straight out of the box, it’s full of problems that need to be remedied if you want to maximize your potential rankings.

And I am not talking about the easy stuff like configuring your permalinks or setting up a sitemap (both of which ARE important). I am talking about HUGE structural issues that will create significant duplicate content penalties if you do not fix them right away.

Heck, did you know that on many different WordPress themes, if you have comments enabled, each comment you get adds a URL parameter (aka ‘replytocom) that can actually create duplicate content issues?

It’s stuff like this that could be damaging your rankings but can be easily fixed in less than 5 minutes.

So here’s what I am going to do to ensure your WordPress websites are set up the right way…

Over the coming week I’m going to be releasing a series of free lesson that will help you optimize your WordPress site including…

  • Choosing The Right SEO Plugins
  • Avoiding Duplicate Content Penalties
  • On Page Optimization Plugins
  • Other Tips & Tricks

And if I come up with anything else along the way I’ll throw it in.

When it was initially developed, the structural issues WordPress suffers from just weren’t an issue but over the past few years, particularly post Panda & Penguin, the structural flaws that can create these duplicate content penalties can cause BIG problems if they’re not fixed.

Fortunately WordPress is still the best CMS because those problems are easy to remedy and that is exactly what I intend to show you how to do…

And if you haven’t already, make sure you opt-in to my “Internet Marketing Weekly Update” in the sidebar to the right, just to guarantee you don’t miss any of these valuable lessons.

So stay tuned, the first lesson will be rolling out VERY soon!



  1. Hi Derek,
    I watched your videos on Ytube about duplicate content By wordpress. My question is, I have a theme that creates excerpts automatically, do I need manual excerpt creation in category posting?
    Thank you for your great efforts and attention to very vital issue about duplicate content.


  2. Cmarten

    Uh-oh. I wasn’t aware of the duplicate content issue with having comments enabled. There’s always something new to learn and tweak. I tend to turn off comments on my pages and leave them enabled for blog comments only, though, so perhaps I’m safe. Thanks for teaching me what I never knew I should be learning.

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