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How To Write A Good Blog Post – It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it!

by Derek Gehl5

The average attention span of a person in 2015 is 8.25 seconds, down from 12 seconds in 2000. That is three quarters of a second less than the average goldfish, who clocks an average of 9 seconds. (Source) Go human race! Meanwhile “how long” people stay and interact with your

What I Discovered When I Spent $5,111.91 Advertising On Facebook (Infographic)

by Derek Gehl2

  In September I spent $5,111.91 advertising on Facebook. The campaign was very profitable and generated leads at a far lower cost than any of the other lead sources I was currently using. After the campaign was over, I spent some time analyzing the data and I made 4 important

Top 3 Best Website Traffic Sources To Drive Guaranteed Buyers

by Derek Gehl7

Lesson Transcription: “What is the absolute, hands-down best website traffic sources?” This is a common question from people who have just put up their websites and are starting to drive traffic. Of course, the really important question is: “What is the best source of buyers?” Because traffic is useless if

How Much Traffic Do You Need To Make Your First Sale Online?

by Derek Gehl5

Lesson Transcription:

A questions I am frequently asked when my students put up there first website goes something like this…

“How many visitors do I need to get before I make a sale?”

They want to know how much traffic they should expect to get to their site before they make a sale. This is also known as “sales conversion” or the percentage of people who visit the site who will make a purchase.

Now this is a damn tough question to answer because there are so many variables that come into play that can be affecting this number…

How To Write Headlines That Could…

by Derek Gehl3

Increase Your Sales Overnight!

– 11 Surefire, Time-Tested, Money-Making Formats –  

“How To Write A Headline” – Lesson Transcription:

What I want to do today is show you how to write a headline using 11 time-tested, money-making styles that have been successfully implemented in every single niche imaginable over the past century.

Not all of them may work for your offer or for your business, but I guarantee that there will be headlines in here that work for your business.  Not necessarily the specific headline, but the format of the headline.

And you can utilize these formats to create headlines for your sales pages.

So let’s jump into this.

My poor, neglected website & my new ‘blogging decree’…

by Derek Gehl4

I just looked at my blog today and realized that I have not posted anything since March 17th.

This makes me a total and complete hypocrite.

I’m the guy constantly lecturing my members, students and anyone who will listen on the importance of adding fresh, relevant content to your website.

Just last week I spoke at three separate events in Australia and told a combined audience of over 500 people how important it was to make sure they are updating their sites with new content… and now look at me.

Some role model huh?

Okay, this is me publicly holding myself accountable…