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Top 10 YouTube Optimization Tips – How To Optimize YouTube Videos For Top Rankings

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Derek Gehl’s Digital Business Predictions For 2019

Summary: In this episode, Derek reveals where he sees some of the hottest opportunities, traffic sources, conversion strategies if you want maximum success with your digital business in 2019. Links: Transcription Episode 104: #AskDerek: Derek Gehl’s Digital Business Predictions For 2019 Hi. My name is Derek Gehl. I

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Nicholas Kusmich – Facebook Marketing Strategies For 2018

Summary: World renowned Facebook marketing expert, Nicholas Kusmich unleashes a barrage of actionable ad creation, campaign crafting, and targeting techniques you need to know if you want to get maximum results from your Facebook ads in 2018. Links: The Councils – The Intensive – Book called “Give”

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Alex Mandossian – Using Stories To Sell High Ticket Products

Summary: If you want to sell more products without resorting to sleazy, overused sales tactics then you need to master the art of storytelling. In this episode, Internet marketing legend Alex Mandossian reveals his powerful, yet subtle storytelling system that he’s personally used to sell millions of dollars in high

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Mitch Miller – Copywriting Strategies To Double Sales

Summary: Mitch Miller is a brash entrepreneur and copywriter that gets incredible results for his clients and businesses by pushing the envelope in his ad copy and offers. In this interview you’ll learn the systems and strategies he uses to get inside his prospect’s heads and turn them into rabid

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VideoMakerFX Review – Fast, Easy, and Cheap Video Creation For Marketers (August 2019)

I’m doing this VideoMakerFX review because at least once a week one of my students asks me how they can easily create high-quality marketing videos for their products, ads and website without having to spend a small fortune.

I always cringe at this question because most of the time…

Why People Fail To Launch…

One of the biggest traps aspiring digital entrepreneurs fall into is “paralysis by analysis”. You want to launch an online business so you start researching and analyzing, trying to find the perfect business idea. There are two problems with this… First, there’s no such thing as a perfect business idea. is now! Why the sudden change?

So why the sudden change? What can you expect in the future? Let me explain… Just over a year ago it was brought to my attention that another organization had trademarked the word “Entrepreneur” back in 1979. Now I don’t think trademark law has changed much since then so I’m not sure

“Why” Is So Important To Your Success…

This is one of my favourite quotes and understanding the message could make the difference between success and failure. Read it and I will explain why after… So now for my explanation… When you see successful entrepreneurs living in beautiful houses, driving fancy cars and taking exotic vacations I imagine

How To Write A Good Blog Post – It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it!

The average attention span of a person in 2015 is 8.25 seconds, down from 12 seconds in 2000. That is three quarters of a second less than the average goldfish, who clocks an average of 9 seconds. (Source) Go human race! Meanwhile “how long” people stay and interact with your

Want To Learn How To Start An Online Business?

How To Start An Online Business

Derek Gehl
Chief Entrepreneur

Most people who visit find me on a quest to learn how to start an online business.

Some come here asking how to start an Internet business that will allow them to one day quit their job and experience the income and freedom an online business can give us.

Others show up asking how to make extra money at home in their spare time.

And then there’s those who arrive already having taken a crack figuring out how to start an online business on their own with varying levels of success.

The good news is this: No matter where you’re at, if you want to learn how to start an online business you’re in the right place. has one clear mission: To enable motivated people to launch and grow their first (or second) digital business!

To give anyone that wants to learn how to start an online business, and has the desire and motivation to succeed, a connection to the education and tools they need to succeed online.

No BS. No fluff. No hype.

To accomplish this mission I’ll be tapping into my 18+ years of experience selling over $110,000,000 online. You’ll get to go behind the scenes in my online businesses and learn from real examples instead of theory.

I’ll also be tapping into my massive network of entrepreneurs, asking them to share the tools and online marketing strategies they’ve used to start and grow their Internet businesses as well.

And while you're here, make sure to check out my podcast and blog (see links at the top of this page also) for a ton of free training to help you start and grow your business on the Internet.

Thanks, and let me know if you have any questions :)


Derek Gehl - Chief Entrepreneur