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Google Adwords Warning… A Lesson To Us All!

by Derek Gehl18

  Last night I received an email from Google Adwords about one of my accounts. The message stated that some of my URL’s were in violation of their “Landing Page and Site Policies”. If you’ve received one of these messages then you know the sinking feeling you get in the pit

How I Choose Profitable Keywords…

by Derek Gehl4

I love pay-per-click marketing for the simple fact that I can cast a wide net and quickly test multiple keywords, determine which ones are driving sales, which are not and then take most profitable keywords and optimize my site so I also rank for them organically. But if you’re just

ReTargeting: How it will increase your sales…

by Derek Gehl0

If you are selling a product online and you’re not using Retargeting, then you are potentially missing out on a bucket of sales. I’ve been using Retargeting in a few different markets with great success over the past six months… when I first started I was actually shocked at how

Adwords – Broad Match With ‘Modifier’…

by Derek Gehl0

I may be a little late to the game on this one since it looks like it has been around for a few months but I thought I would post this anyway… It looks like Google Adwords has added another handy “keyword matching” option that splits the difference between “broad

4 Fatal Mistakes On Groupon Marketing

by Derek Gehl4

Groupon is a huge success story. In fact it was recently valued at $25 billion which is way too high in my books but I am not going to debate ‘valuation’ in this post… I will save that one for later 🙂 Today I want to get a little rant