• Episode  115
  • Keith Monaghan

Episode Summary - Keith Monaghan

Email marketing plays a role in every successful online business. It is still one of the highest ROI marketing strategies you can use. But too many people overcomplicate it and mess it up. 

In this episode, email marketing expert Keith Monaghan and Derek Gehl dive into the world of email marketing, discuss what’s working, what to avoid and how to SIMPLIFY the entire process.

What You'll Discover

  • Ways on how to effectively stand out in an inbox and increase your email open rate;
  • Simple tips to make your email clear, concise, and engaging;
  • Importance of hero images to grab and attract your subscribers' attention;
  • Pros and cons of personalizing and using more images in your email; 
  • A list of simple and efficient email services that you can start with now; 
  • Plus a ton more!

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  1. Wow!! Some great information! Certainly time well spent listening!! When somebody is telling me to "keep it simple" … I am all ears!

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