• Episode  145
  • Eric Rebelo

Episode Summary - Eric Rebelo

Many service businesses don’t advertise online and they’re missing out. 

Because there’s a practical and profitable way to grow your service business on the internet.

But the “trick” is doing it right. And that’s where most fall short. 

To show us how it’s done, I invited Eric Rebelo to the show. He creates sales and marketing systems helping service businesses grow online. 

And in this episode, Eric eliminates the shroud of confusion surrounding online advertising -  while also providing you with a crystal-clear framework for growing your service business online.

What You'll Discover

  • (7:19) The 4 major components for running a successful marketing campaign online
  • (8:04) The unique advantage service-based businesses have over Ecomm (are you utilizing this powerful revenue generator in your business?)
  • (8:45) The $200-million-dollar college dropout secret for successfully advertising online (works for anyone!)
  • (10:22) The biggest “weak spot” service-based entrepreneurs struggle with (that’s costing them a fortune!)
  • (14:30) An online marketing funnel that works like magic for service businesses
  • (17:24) The 2 types of ad traffic (inbound & outbound) and the 2 skills you need to make them both work
  • (18:05) SELL MORE: How to make your offer ultra-appealing to your target market
  • (20:12) The 4 elements of high-converting landing pages (you’re losing money every second one of these are missing!)
  • (28:51) Is it profitable for a service business to advertise on social media? (Answer: Yes, but only with THIS type of ad)
  • (34:20) CAMERA-SHY: How to make video ads, even if you hate being on camera (so easy a monkey could do it!)
  • Plus a ton more!

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  1. Loved the topic! Was interested to hear the point made about serviced based business…it really boils down to the team that is supplying the service.
    There was some great ideas and also interested to hear how he pairs the type of business to the platform that he advertises on.

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