• Episode  144
  • Drasko Raicevic

Episode Summary - Drasko Raicevic

There are many entrepreneurs who could boost their monthly income by starting a coaching program. 

But where do you begin?

And how do you know if you’re qualified? 

To dispel the myths and provide a proven framework for starting a successful coaching program, I invited Drasko Raicevic to the show. 

Drasko is the founder of the $10K Norm coaching program - helping entrepreneurs hit $10K a month consistently in 6 months or less

Tune-in, enjoy and remember to actually apply what you learn!

What You'll Discover

  • (10:14) A “messy” lesson about failure that could help launch your coaching business (BONUS: This will drastically help your clients improve the quality of their lives too!)
  • (11:30) A brand-new way to overcome self-sabotage (it’s simple, and yet, it could eliminate this success killer from your life, almost instantly)
  • (14:38) The reason why your coaching business isn’t hitting $10K every month (HINT: It has nothing to do with your skills, experience or marketing)
  • (18:30) Do you ever feel under-qualified to be a coach? This feeling is called “Imposter Syndrome”. Here’s how to overcome it so you can grow a thriving coaching business without doubting yourself
  • (23:00) The framework of a $10K coaching business for you to model (9-out-of-10 coaches have no clue this even exists!)
  • (23:55) Follow this simple exercise to boost your confidence and take control of your emotions (believe it or not, this is the cornerstone for running a successful coaching business)
  • (28:00) Why your ability to handle discomfort could skyrocket your success
  • (28:50) Instead of journaling, try doing THIS “lazy” exercise to change your bad habits into good ones (it’s actually quite fun!)
  • (31:30) The “C.T.F.A.R.” Method for overcoming procrastination (All you need is pen, paper and 5 minutes to do it)
  • (40:50) 100% LEGAL: A strange success secret discovered in the brains of clinically certified psychopaths (that you can immediately apply in your coaching business to skyrocket your income!)
  • Plus a ton more!

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