• Episode  140
  • Róbert Tarabčák

Episode Summary - Róbert Tarabčák

Something BIG is about to hit the e-comm world and most entrepreneurs are oblivious to it. 

I’m talking about “Live Commerce”. A live shopping experience that's changing the way your customers shop, forever. 

And today, my guest is Róbert Tarabčák, the CEO of a new startup called Korkuma. A new platform providing tools and resources for companies to run live shopping experiences. 

If you’re doing anything in the e-comm space, you should check this one out.

What You'll Discover

  • (3:35) What is “Live Commerce” and why it matters to you
  • (4:37) Are you ready for the massive shift in customer shopping behavior? (Be prepared before your competition even knows what hit em’)
  • (4:58) TIKTOK + SHOPIFY = The future of e-commerce?
  • (5:33) The difference between asian and western marketplaces (and which is better)
  • (6:50) Have you ever experienced a live commerce event? Discover exactly what it looks like and why it’s working like crazy
  • (8:05) Higher conversions and less returns (this market is perfect for live commerce events)
  • (10:18) The two categories of live shopping (and which is more profitable)
  • (15:33) Which type of e-comm companies can benefit the most from live commerce? This answer might surprise you!
  • (22:42) How to integrate live shopping with Google Analytics (sounds complicated, but it’s really simple, here’s how)
  • (25:30) How a Chinese woman sold eighty-million dollars worth of products (in just one day!) with a live shopping event.
  • Plus a ton more!

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