• Episode  143
  • Andrea Waltz

Episode Summary - Andrea Waltz

Biologically, as humans, we’re hardwired to avoid the pain of rejection at all costs. But as entrepreneurs, getting rejected is unavoidable. It’s part of the gig. And it hurts like hell

But the secret is this: 

How you RESPOND to rejection will determine your level of success

It’s that simple. 

Unfortunately, the reason why so many entrepreneurs fail miserably is that they have a crippling fear of rejection.  

That’s why I invited Andrea Waltz to the show. 

She’s a best-selling author and world-renowned expert of a powerful methodology that transforms rejection into success

She’s helped thousands of entrepreneurs and selling professionals transform their lives with a powerful mindset “shift”. And in this exciting episode, you’ll hear how you can apply this mindset (and much more) for reaching higher levels of success in your business, faster than you ever dreamed possible.

What You'll Discover

  • (4:50) The Psychology of Rejection: How the brain is hardwired to avoid the pain of rejection (and how to overcome this built-in biological “handicap” to sell more successfully)
  • (8:00) A courage boosting strategy you can deploy during any selling situation (that could help you land the sale, even after your prospect just told you “no”.)
  • (10:04) What to do immediately after someone says “NO” (you’ll be shocked at where a “no” can take you)
  • (10:58) A new sales model that accelerates your success with every rejection you get
  • (11:50) A dead simple sales equation you can bank on
  • (16:56) REVEALED: Where the best sales people live in the U.S. and their unusual selling secret (that anyone can start using today!)
  • (21:10) Setting “No” Goals: An odd goal-setting philosophy that could skyrocket your results overnight
  • (21:40) The tale of the two equally-skilled salesmen (one consistently makes more sales, here’s why)
  • (34:40) You don’t have to be the best salesperson to sell successfully (simply detach yourself from the end result and ask this question)
  • (37:35) SIMPLICITY & CLARITY: The two elements you can use to close any sale (regardless of what you’re selling)
  • Plus a ton more!

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