• Episode  109
  • Rohan Sheth

Episode Summary - Rohan Sheth

When Covid shut down live events all over the world, Rohan’s digital marketing agency came to a grinding halt. That is until he helped his clients, some of the worlds most well known experts, authors, and speakers, pivot to a 100% online model. A model that is working so well, many may never go back to the old way.

In this episode, Rohan Sheth reveals the key strategies he helped his clients employ to survive and thrive selling high-ticket information and coaching programs online only.

And even if you don’t sell information, coaching or masterminds, this episode is packed with tips and strategies ANY online business will benefit from.

What You'll Discover

  • The secret sauce for successful, fruitful, long-term business partnerships.
  • How live seminar and conference businesses were forced to transform to an online model... that's proven to be massively profitable.
  • A counter intuitive webinar strategy that is working like gangbusters in a post covid world. 
  • A simple and surprising technique to attract more clients and traffic into your business... I guarantee you haven't thought of this one.
  • Plus a ton more!

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