Project Ignite Podcast by Derek Gehl 105 – Derek Gehl's Digital Business Predictions For 2021
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  • Episode  105
  • Derek Gehl

Episode Summary

I am finally reigniting the podcast again after a two year hiatus.

It was only suppose to be a two month hiatus... but then I took over another business and poof, here we are two years later!

Nonetheless, I'm stoked to be back in action and I have some incredible episodes and amazing guests planned for 2021.

And to kick things off, in this episode I am going to give you my predictions for digital business and marketing over the coming year.

Digital business has grown at an unprecedented rate in 2020 and it doesn't look like it will slow down in 2021.

So listen to this episode to make sure you are positioned for maximum success.

What You'll Discover

  • The social media world and where to focus your energies for maximum growth
  • Apple’s significant move to upset search engines and give YOU access to the most affluent buyers
  • The hot trend in video marketing that will give you a massive advantage over your competitors
  • Why achieving omnipresence in your marketing is key to maximum conversions in 2021

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