• Episode  127
  • Irene Gabenick

Episode Summary - Irene Gabelnick

Being a guest on a podcast could change your business life forever

That’s because podcasts are huge platformsgiving you massive exposure… with the potential to grow your business exponentially… overnight. 

Unfortunately, the majority of entrepreneurs attempting to get on podcasts get denied.

Find out WHY (and much more) on this episode of the Project Ignite podcast.

My guest is Irene Gabelnick. She’s an expert at getting booked on podcasts. 

Tune in because she reveals a simple system that can work for you... so you can grow your business using this powerful platform. 

What You'll Discover

  • (2:25) A compelling reason why you should write your book NOW… instead of putting it off for “later”
  • (7:55) A small, practical copywriting “gem” every entrepreneur should discover… even if you don’t write copy!
  • (12:30) Why 90% of entrepreneurs get DENIED when asking to be on a podcast (don’t make this stupid mistake!)
  • (12:52) The insider “trick” for growing your business as a podcast guest
  • (14:48) The underground website for getting booked on podcasts… just go HERE!
  • (15:48) How to pitch yourself to podcasts hosts (follow these simple DOs and DON'Ts) 
  • (20:30) A proven way to instantly boost your credibility (this will help you get booked on podcasts) 
  • (26:40) An authentic strategy for getting anything you want (so simple… yet nobody’s doing it!)
  • (29:10) How to choose which podcast to be on (so you’re not wasting your time!)
  • (34:28) The cold hard truth about monetizing podcast interviews (this advice cuts deep, but it works like crazy!)
  • Plus a ton more!

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