• Episode  128
  • Bill Hughes

Episode Summary - Bill Hughes

Building a brand that takes off on Amazon doesn’t happen by accident. There’s a strategy involved

And just because your product is listed on Amazon... doesn’t mean sales will “automatically” roll in.  

So what works? 

In this episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Amazon advertising expert, Bill Hughes.

Tune in, as he shares what’s working on Amazon today.

What You'll Discover

  • (4:25) Launching your brand on Amazon (this is how you do it)
  • (8:20) Thinking of selling your products on Amazon? Take the “Flywheel” Test for discovering if Amazon is the right place for your products (or not!)
  • (11:30) The difference between advertising on FACEBOOK Vs. AMAZON (and… which is better)
  • (13:40) How to manage your reviews on Amazon (Warning: if you have low reviews... you’re doomed to failure)
  • (17:23) FAKE REVIEWS: The days of paid reviews are ending soon… here’s a strategy for getting authentic reviews from REAL customers for steady growth on Amazon.
  • (21:00) The insider secret for tracking customer data from your Amazon sales
  • (22:04) How to 3X your customer lifetime value (this is HUGE!)
  • (26:30) The rise of the Amazon Consolidator: A new business model skyrocketing company value
  • (30:30) ANSWER: How much does traditional retail still play in the valuation of your brand?
  • (32:34) How to advertise on Facebook to sell on Amazon
  • Plus a ton more!

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