• Episode  130
  • David Aaker

Episode Summary - David Aaker

How do you create a strong brand in today’s world? 

A brand dominating your marketplace…

A brand your customers love…

A successful brand, even if you’re a “small” digital company, well...

According to David Aaker - the “Father of Modern Branding”  - there’s a new strategy. 

David is the best-selling author and award-winning Professor Emeritus of Marketing Strategy at the Berkeley-Haas School of Business. And he reveals a new branding strategy in this electrifying episode. 

If you’re looking for a powerful new way to position your brand - DOMINATING your field - you’ll love this episode. It’s packed with useful, practical tips you can apply to your brand today

What You'll Discover

  • (5:10) The best kind of brands for dominating sub-categories
  • (11:20) The multi-dimensional branding strategy for superior positioning (used by the Dollar Shave Club)
  • (13:30) How small e-comm brands are defeating the “invincible” giant of AMAZON
  • (19:30) The “Sweetwater” secret for connecting your brand with your audience PERFECTLY
  • (20:50) This is the BEST positioning strategy for any brand in the U.S.A. (effortlessly compete with bigger brand names and WIN!)
  • (22:30) How to pick a winning subcategory for your brand
  • (27:30) WHO WINS: Brand Relevance Vs. Brand Preference
  • (32:18) Why “pioneers” are never the leaders of emerging markets 
  • (34:00) Steve Jobs sneaky little “trick” for achieving brand supremacy
  • (36:45) THE FUTURE: Will small brands still have a chance to succeed in 10 years? (the answer every entrepreneur needs to hear)
  • Plus a ton more!

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