• Episode  129
  • Alexander De Ridder

Episode Summary - Alexander De Ridder

Artificial Intelligence is here and it’s affecting everything we do online including how we run digital businesses. 

That’s why I’m excited to have Alexander De Ridder as my guest. 

He’s the mastermind behind an award-winning technology which is helping deliver over 1 million organic visitors per month for Fortune 100 companies and more.

In this episode you’ll discover how AI is impacting SEO. And so much more!

What You'll Discover

  • (6:45) GAME-ON: The future of winning SEO (the writing was on the wall this whole time!)
  • (10:00) Use THIS dead simple secret for boosting your page authority
  • (11:30) The new Google AI tool changing SEO forever
  • (16:04) A creepy spy formula the top search engines deploy to defeat their competition
  • (21:45) A new trend (that works like magic) for boosting authority outranking other pages
  • (23:00) Why individuals are being treated like brands (and how to protect YOUR brand name from developing a poor reputation)
  • (26:30) SHOCKING: Study results reveal 96% of content will never see search traffic
  • (32:38) Fact Check: These tiny-little “micro” errors are killing your page rank
  • (48:30) A mind-boggling example of how AI advancement is accelerating far beyond human capabilities
  • (51:15) Harnessing the power of AI for solving the world's biggest problems
  • Plus a ton more!

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  1. A brilliant conversation Derek with such an insightful guest. The whole AI / SEO topic is so interesting. So many nuggets in this podcast, especially the SEM Rush research which show so little of the content written today will EVER see search traffic. I hope you get Alexander back for another interview soon. Beyond being an authority on the topic he seems like a wonderful human being. I just loved his quote

    "Intelligence is not all there is. I know some horrible human beings that are very smart and I know some wonderful human beings that are not as high in IQ — so our value as human beings is not defined by our intellect alone."

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