• Episode  117
  • Gordon Glenister

Episode Summary - Gordon Glenister

Thinking of hiring an influencer? There’s a lot of buzz about Influencer Marketing exploding new business growth, but… can it work for you?

In this episode, Influencer strategist Gordon Glenister drops the hammer on who should... and who should NOT hire Influencers to promote their business. 

You’ll also hear up-to-date Influencer strategies that are working today (simple, yet surprisingly effective… and so easy to implement, anyone can do it). 

This episode is a real gem for anyone considering Influencer Marketing for business promotion.  

And if you’re interested in becoming an Influencer yourself, this will be the most exciting podcast you hear this year. 

Here’s why: In this episode, Gordon Glenister sneaks you past the velvet rope into Influencer Marketing Royalty. You’ll see how MICRO-Influencers are cashing in big… and he reveals a simple blueprint for quickly getting started from scratch.

What You'll Discover

  • 8:02 START HERE: The first steps to becoming an Influencer.
  • 9:35 How the pandemic has changed Influencer Marketing forever (and what you should do now)
  • 11:35 How to pick the RIGHT influencer for your business(don’t hire another Influencer before hearing this!)
  • 12:05 QUIZ: Why hiring one Influencer stirs-up a buying frenzy and hiring another gets no results (HINT: It’s not about audience size!)
  • 17:40 NANO vs. MICRO Influencers: What's the difference (follower count, etc.) and why it matters for your business.  
  • 21:50 The wrong way to approach Influencer Marketing (it doesn’t work… yet almost everybody’s doing it!)
  • 28:39 SURPRISING: How much should you pay an influencer? (Not what you think)
  • 33:11 TIK-TOK: Creating massive engagement with challenges? Here’s how...
  • 43:03 The tiny little secret of mass influence with a small following
  • 46:55 The fastest way to become an Influencer (this puts you on the fast track to growing a massive following) - works best for complete newbies… and you could start tonight with results in the morning!
  • Plus a ton more!

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  1. Thanks very much for the PodCast Derek.

    We've had no success with influencers either but now at least I can see why. Our expectation was wrong. We thought we'd provide the content, the influencer(s) would promote it to their audience and sales would result. Boy we were wrong.

    However, sometimes the influencers themselves set up expectations which are not realistic, for example they indicate and even at times promise that more sales will result from using them!

    1. Yup. When I started, I had the wrong expectation as well but as you said, a lot of influencers overpromise as well.

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