• Episode  118
  • Carolyn Wilman

Episode Summary - Carolyn Wilman

This episode introduces you to an underground world of marketing very few entrepreneurs will ever know exists, yet… this overlooked methodology could radically impact your business… growing your audience and generating new customers

We’re talking about contests, giveaways and sweepstakes! And today’s guest is world-renowned sweepstakes expert Carolyn Wilman, the “Contest Queen”. She’s created the Ultimate Contest Winning System with over 30 years experience under her belt - and now consults businesses (large and small) on running successful contests.

Tune-in to hear this exciting info-packed episode (where you’ll hear instant actionable advice you could apply in your business today).

What You'll Discover

  • (2:42) Can you REALLY make a living winning sweepstakes and contests? How a Readers Digest article launched the Contest Queen into the sweepstakes lifestyle!
  • (4:00) The “Church Billboard” Secret for Winning Contests (Hint: “You can’t lose helping others win”)!
  • (4:50) The Beginners Guide to WINNING Contests and Sweepstakes (Avoid these mistakes and boost your winning potential like crazy!)

  • (6:46) What’s the biggest prize you’ve ever won? The Contest Queen reveals her top 3 winnings (If you like sports, books or music... your jaw will drop to the floor!)
  • (10:40) The sneaky little differences between sweepstakes, contests and lotteries (and why it matters!)
  • (16:30) Here’s your simple contest checklist for running super-smooth giveaways where everyone walks away happy!
  • (20:00) The cheapest giveaway that will drive your audience wild (So easy, you could start by posting THIS on your Instagram tonight)
  • (27:00) Secret hashtag strategy boosts engagement around your contests (#JustDoThis with your hashtag and watch engagement soar!)
  • (28:30) QUESTION: How do you convert leads into buyers by running contests? ANSWER: After announcing the winner, just do THIS (very easy)!
  • (31:00) Anti-Viral Sweepstakes Secrets: Why going small can yield BIG results!
  • Plus a ton more!

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