• Episode  125
  • Todd Snively

Episode Summary - Todd Snively

Is there a legitimate way to make money on Amazon? 

Todd Snively is my guest on this episode and he’s living proof the answer is: YES! 

That’s because Todd’s company produces over 8-figures on Amazon annually. And he also teaches others how to do the same. 

In this episode, Todd holds nothing back. He shines a spotlight on the industry's most notorious “con men” and reveals his unique business model for making a living on Amazon. 

Tune in to this exciting episode.

What You'll Discover

  • (4:30) Why “doing what you love” isn’t always the best strategy for creating wealth online.
  • (9:44) How losing $50,000,000 was the best thing that ever happened to Todd (and the powerful success secret he uncovered that will totally blow your mind!)
  • (13:30) What Todd discovered while casually selling a few items on EBAY... which led to a $1.300,000 breakthrough in just one year.
  • (32:00) The mysterious factor which caused this AMAZON product to jump from selling 200 units a day... to 2,000 units a day… virtually overnight!
  • (32:28) The “Oprah Effect” for exploding product popularity and desire
  • (34:40) REVEALED: Take a peek behind the billion-dollar-curtain of AMAZONS inner sanctum (you’ll be shocked by what’s going on behind the scenes!)
  • (41:30) The truth about making money on AMAZON (if you’re starting on a budget, do THIS… if you have some capital to invest, do THIS)
  • (43:00) SCAM: Why dropshipping on AMAZON is the biggest lie in the industry
  • (51:30) The magic software that shows you what to sell on AMAZON for the best ROI
  • (1:00:00) What a 100% Automated AMAZON business really looks like
  • Plus a ton more!

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