• Episode  124
  • Guy Rozman

Episode Summary - Guy Rozman

This episode is all about scaling your business with Pay-Per-Click

My guest is Guy Rozman. And for the past 10 years, he’s helped Ecomm businesses make millions of dollars with PPC. His impressive client list even includes tech giants like Yotpo, Fiverr and Outbrain. 

Tune in for insider PPC secrets (you can start using them today) for scaling your online business.

What You'll Discover

  • (11:00) The most overlooked step for scaling an Ecomm business using PPC
  • (15:15) Today's state of Google Adwords and how it affects your business
  • (16:20) The “Total Breakdown” Secret for making Adwords work for you
  • (16:45) How to avoid wasting money on keywords that aren’t working
  • (25:20) The major success elements of huge Ecom businesses (and how they’re winning with PPC)
  • (27:30) Why you can’t scale relying on Google ONLY
  • (38:15) The secret formula for dominating your marketplace (even in the most competitive niches) 
  • (40:30) The real way to measure the impact of your PPC campaign (most companies don’t have a clue)
  • (46:30) NEW: The big tracking change that’s transforming digital marketing (don’t miss this!)
  • (47:25) Why copywriting is so important for your PPC campaign
  • Plus a ton more!

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