• Episode  132
  • Matt Johnson

Episode Summary - Matt Johnson

Have you heard the term “MicroFamous”? 

It’s a strange new way for becoming “famous” in your market. It’s “strange” because it defies logic. But becoming “MicroFamous” could impact your business in a very big way. 

Matt Johnson, the author of MicroFamous, is the guest on this episode of the Project Ignite Podcast. 

Matt dives deep into the meaning of MicroFamous, and… what it takes to get there.  

Tune in, enjoy, and apply this strategy to help grow your business today.

What You'll Discover

  • (1:49) MICRO-FAMOUS: A counterintuitive approach for growing your brand and business
  • (3:40) Why making your brand “mainstream” isn’t the best route for success
  • (6:50) How the MICRO-FAMOUS lifestyle works for introverts (Here’s what it looks like)
  • (9:25) The challenges introverts face while starting a business (and how to overcome them)
  • (13:15) The Happy Hour secret for having great conversations on your podcast
  • (21:30) SUCCESS: Why having the right “mindset” doesn’t need to come first
  • (28:00) STARTING: The first steps for launching your podcast
  • (30:13) A rare method for positioning your business to STAND-OUT (this attracts more leads and increases conversion rates)
  • (32:55) The #1 mistake to avoid when launching your podcast
  • (37:20) How to get booked as a guest on a podcast (most people get this wrong)
  • Plus a ton more!

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  1. Min 22 on mindsets vs one foot in front of the other…..can really resonate with that Matt. Valuable conversation. Thank you.

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