• Episode  133
  • Molly Keyser

Episode Summary - Molly Keyser

Are you thinking of creating an online course? 

It’s an easy way to share your expertise and grow your business profitably. Plus… once your new online course is launched, you can virtually sell it on AUTO-PILOT, making money while you sleep. 

If you’d like to create and launch an online course, check out this episode of the Project Ignite Podcast. 

My guest is an online course expert, Molly Keyser

And in this show, Molly reveals her best tips, strategies, and secrets for creating and launching online courses successfully.

What You'll Discover

  • (8:30) The EASIEST way to build a following of ideal clients online
  • (11:50) Replace your income by selling just ONE online course? Sounds impossible, but you can do it too (Here’s how)
  • (13:30) Who should create an online course and who should NOT (Do you qualify? The answer might delight you!)
  • (16:48) Why the common Product Launch Method isn’t the best way to sell your online course
  • (19:03) SIMPLE: The #1 reason why launches fail and what you can do that’s so much easier
  • (20:50) One weird secret for instantly boosting sales (HINT: Less is more)
  • (29:40) Which is the best social media platform for growing your audience (No, it’s not TIK-TOK)
  • (31:00) How to use NEW social media platforms to your advantage
  • (33:50) A really “boring” YouTube Strategy for establishing your brand (It’s nothing “fancy” but it works!)
  • (36:30) The best software platform to build your online course
  • Plus a ton more!

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